New 2020 CUTRE boards

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Mar De Arce in Pozo Izquierdo (Gran Canaria)

Mar De Arce in Pozo Izquierdo (Gran Canaria)

Pozo Izquierdo 2019, Board

Pozo Izquierdo 2019, Board

We have received the first batch of our new 2020 CUTRE wave boards.

In CUTRE we have been designing and fabricating wave boards since 1996. We have also collaborated in the testing and design of many of the main brand boards. We have decided it is now time to offer our experience and knowledge to you. I’ts been quite a while since the first board we designed. These 2020 boards receive all these years of experience and passion for windsurfing.

Juan Enrique Ureña - 1996 Board

Juan Enrique Ureña - 1996 Board

Juan Enrique Ureña - 2020 Board

Juan Enrique Ureña - 2020 Board

  • Designed in Pozo Izquierdo by Juan Enrique Ureña, for the European side-shore, and on-shore wave conditions.

    • The boards plane quickly, and react fast to turns in the surf and when jibing.

    • Great for jumping, maintain speed and stability when changing course direction right before jumping.

    • Surfing is more fluid in on-shore conditions, as it maintains speed.

    • Tri-fin configuration for small waves, and quad-fin configuration for more grip and stability in larger size waves.

  • Made in Spain.

  • Hard core construction with Pozo conditions in mind

    • High quality EPS D20 core

    • PVC AIREX cover. 5mm bottom, 3mm top

    • High density 12mm jump pads & 8mm pads

    • 150gm DYNEEMA + 80gm EGLASS

    • 3/4 of the top reinforced with biaxial carbon

    • Specific reinforcement in all stress areas with biaxial carbon

    • Aditional heel reinforcement with DYNEEMA

    • All boxes inserted with high density PVC

    • Topcoat with epoxy and high density polyurethane paint

  • Sizes: 60 (for kids), 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105 & 110 liters

Price of the boards is 1.600€ (K4 fins and footstraps included). For more information or orders, send us an email to Board production & delivery time is 1-2 months.