3rd position for Mar de Arce in the European Championship

Congratulations to Mar de Arce for her 3rd position in the “IFCA 2019” series European championship that took place in Denmark.

70506556_2742411575803916_2735433661158522880_o (1).jpg

In Klitmoller, between the 17th and 21st of September, with spectacular conditions for windsurfing. A double elimination competition. Mar de Arce, who just turned 16 years old, went against Lina Erpenstein in the final single elimination with onshore conditions and a 3.7m2 Loft Sails sail and a 72L Star-Fish board. 

The double elimination took place during the second day of the competition with sideshore conditions and very good waves, this time against Ulrike Hölzl, with a 3.4m2 Loft Sails sail and a 72L Star-Fish board. 

Klitmoller is located in the northwest of Denmark, surrounded by natural parks and spectacular beaches, and according to Mar: “It has been a great learning experience, I have learnt a lot about the conditions around this area, which has helped me prepare for the next competition in Sylt, Germany, where I’ll travel to with my Cutre Windsurfing teammate.”