Webcam Pozo Izquierdo

This webcam shows live video feed from Pozo Izquierdo Beach in Gran Canaria. Venue to the Windsurfing World Cup event. Checkout the conditions from your home or mobile device.

Webcam is live only during daylight. We shut it off at night.

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Wind conditions at Pozo Izquierdo

Wave conditions at Pozo Izquierdo


Pozo Izquierdo is a small local town located in the southeast of the Island of Gran Canaria. Pozo Izquierdo being away from the regular tourist radar, is home to one of the most important windsurfing world cup events.

Pozo Izquierdo is very well known in the world windsurfing community for its nuclear summer trade winds. In Pozo Izquierdo the winds begin to blow hard from the end of June until the end of august, averaging between 25-45 knots, with days of up to 65 knots.

For this reason, Pozo Izquierdo becomes one of the most important vacation destinations for windsurfers from all over the world. Peaking mid-July when the Windsurfing World Cup event takes place.

The Pozo Izquierdo webcam is aiming directly to the windsurfing beach, and shows the current conditions.

In the past recent years there Pozo Izquierdo has seen a growing shift of the type of tourist that visit this small town. Specially during the winter months, non-windsurfing tourist are beginning to arrive at Pozo Izquierdo looking for peace and to integrate with the locals.

Also, Pozo Izquierdo is becoming an interesting place to stay for digital nomads, since the arrival of high speed internet via fiber optic, which is providing connections of up to 600MB full duplex.