WINDSURF rental for wave sailing in Pozo Izquierdo

For your best sailing experience and to progress in wave saling we rent the best and latest equipment for our conditions, which you will not be able to break. You can insure the equipment and with our supervision you will enjoy our spots safely.

Days Price
2 hours 34€
1 48€
2 88€
3 118€
4 154€
5 188€
6 221€
7 252€

Special online prices with prebooking and prepayment

 Windsurf Rental (Pozo Izquierdo - Gran Canaria) - Waves

Windsurf Rental (Pozo Izquierdo - Gran Canaria) - Waves

Rental in flat water 2km away from Pozo Izquierdo
in Bahía de Formas (Arinaga)

If you want to sail freeride, slalom or freestyle we have the perfect spot to enjoy a more relaxed sailing compared to Pozo Izquierdo. We have a truck with all the equipment for your level and type of sailing, and you will allways be supervised by an expert trainer.

  • 1 day - 48€
  • 10 hour coupon - 130€
 Windsurf Rental (Bahía de Formas - Gran Canaria) Flat Water

Windsurf Rental (Bahía de Formas - Gran Canaria) Flat Water

The best equipment

  • The best boards
    • Witchcraft - Cutre Pozo Edition - DYNEEMA construction with sizes every 4 litres.
    • Agulo Hawaii single and twin fin wave boards.
    • F2 single fins, tri-fins, quads, and freestyle from 63 litres to 154 litres.
  • The best sails
    • Loftsails by Monty Spindler. 
    • Ezzy Sails
  • Carbon masts by Loftsails & REPTILE
  • 100% carbon booms by STREAMLINED USA
  • 100% carbon extensions by STREAMLINED USA
  • Inquire about our 100% Carbon Slalom Pack

Equipment will be tuned by our experienced staff, always supervised by Juan Enrique Ureña, ex-PWA wave and Slalom rider with 27 years of experience in Pozo. He will recommend the best combination of board and sail size for the conditions and your sailing level. 

  • It is possible to rent for weeks, days, or by hours.
  • Possibility of: full insurance, wetsuit / harness rental, etc.

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 Loftsails 2017 OXYGEN (Freerace)

Loftsails 2017 OXYGEN (Freerace)

 Loftsails Purelip 2017 (Wave)

Loftsails Purelip 2017 (Wave)